19 servings
Energy and rehydration drink
  • Energy and rehydration drink 36 g of carbohydrates per portion
  • Optimises the synthesis and restoration of muscle glycogen
  • Optimises the supply of water
  • Rich in electrolytes
  • Magnesium: important cofactor in the production of ATP in the mitochondria
  • Contains the set of vitamins, minerals, taurine, citric acid and malic acid: important role in the production of ATP in the Krebs cycle

Usage: Dissolve 1 portion (41.6 g) in 500 ml of water

Product description

Isoplex contains magnesium and electrolytes to support the energy production and rehydratation

  • Soy-free
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Lactose-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Suitable for breastfeeding women
  • Suitable for pregnant women


Energy value

Nutritional statement Per portion
kJ 607
kcal 143
Carbohydrate 36 gram
Sugars 24 gram
Salt 0.58 gram

List of ingredients

Ingredients per Portion Shape/component Quantity %RI
Vitamin ABeta-carotene400 µg50%
Vitamin B1Thiamin hydrochloride0,55 mg50%
Vitamin B2Riboflavin0,70 mg50%
Vitamin B3 - NiacinNiacinamide8 mg50%
Vitamin B5 - Pantothenic acidCalcium pantothenate3 mg50%
Vitamin B6Pyridoxine hydrochloride0,70 mg50%
Vitamin B12Cyanocobalamin1,25 µg50%
Vitamin CAscorbic acid40 mg50%
Vitamin DCholecalciferol5 µg100%
Vitamin EAlpha-tocopheryl acid succinate6 mg50%
Biotin25 µg50%
FolateFolic acid100 µg50%
CalciumCalcium lactate133 mg17%
ChromiumChromium picolinate20 µg50%
IodinePotassium iodide75 µg50%
ManganeseManganese citrate1 mg50%
MolybdenumSodium molybdate25 µg50%
MagnesiumMagnesium bisglycinate62,5 mg17%
SeleniumL-selenomethionine27,5 µg50%
ZincZinc citrate5 mg50%
Taurine500 mg
Malic acid500 mg

Also contains:

  • Fructose,
  • Dextrose,
  • Maltodextrin,
  • Spray-dried glucose syrup,
  • Grapefruit juice powder (Citrus paradisi L.),
  • Citric acid,
  • Silica,
  • Cherry flavor,
  • Red beet powder (Beta vulgaris L.),

Use and dose

Dissolve 1 portion (41.6 g) in 500 ml of water and drink little by little when exercising. In the event of excessive perspiration after exercising, mix 2 portions in 1 litre of water and drink little by little.


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